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The house that we call Camp Whitmarsh (traditionally spelled "Whitemarsh") was originally built in 1932 and is one of the oldest houses on Whitemarsh Island, predating its status as a suburb of Savannah. When it was built, as the island was mostly wild, it was placed directly adjacent to an old Civil War Battery, giving the neighborhood the name "Battery Point," which it holds to this day. That battery saw action during the siege of Savannah and can still be seen next door, including the original embankments and moat from the 1860s. Far before the battery was built, the land here was known as a native holy place and the placement of the guns was chosen specifically because there was already a large earthen mound there left over from native times. All of these things lend the house and the land a rich and vibrant history, even before we put our unique spin on it! Having purchased it in 2009 after many years of neglect, we've slowly and lovingly brought it to the condition that you see today,  including rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew which caused flooding and the loss of many of our beautiful trees, including the massive Pecan which lent our Pecan Room its name. We welcome you to stay with us and contribute your own little piece to the rich historic puzzle that is Camp Whitmarsh.

Savannah's Original Airbnb

From the very early days of Airbnb and before that Couch Surfing, we've been hosting people from all over the world and introducing them to the magical city of Savannah, the Georgia coastal islands, and our unique way of life. Over time Camp Whitmarsh has evolved and changed but our love of hosting has not!

Expect too be in awe at how cute this little camper is! The outdoor bath was such a unexpected delight and better than I had expected! Gus the host cat is also a friendly surprise! This is something worth trying!

This beautiful Savannah home has so much character and love that you might end up spending more time there than exploring Savannah (whoops)! Camp Whitmarsh is the ultimate retreat and my husband and I enjoyed every second we spent there from relaxing in the hammock to my husband playing the ukulele.

We loved Camp Whitmarsh! The camper had everything we needed and was nice and cozy. The outdoor bathtub was a very unique experience we won't forget. Would definitely stay here again if we had the chance.

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